Friday, September 10, 2010

September 10, 2010

Around, a small building where the tram picks up tourist even though there is a garbage-can a lot of small pieces of candy wrappers can be found. Obvious, a place where people while waiting, eat a candy. The tiny places in the shadow of benches and other structures need attention, care and respect. They should not be treated a useless residual spaces, thus make littering easier. Maybe these places need some seedbombs like Adam Zaretsky creates.  Or an intervention by the Commission for Pleasure in the Built Environment.

Found in the shadow of a small building an aluminum lid. Time to degrade never.

Found in the shadow of a bench a candy wrapper,  which has less plastic written on it. Time to degrade maybe instead of 10 years, 4 years?

Found in the shadow of a small building an aluminum juice container. Time to degrade never.

Found among leaves in the shadow of a small building a waterbottle wrapper made of Paper. Time to degrade 8-10 months. The question is where is the water bottle??

Found in the tall grass behind the small building a piece of plastic. Time to degrade 250 years?

Found among some leaves beside a small building a peice of tin foil. Time to degrade never!

Found in the bushes by Artscape a candy wrapper, similar to one I found on September 7. Time to degrade 2-5 years?

Found beside a hydro pole a drinking can. Made of aluminum. Time to degrade never.

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