Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September 8, 2010

The terrain started with a trimmed lawn and ending with a stretch of  tall grasses and bushes. In this last part of only 20 meters I found 10 water bottles hidden among the stinging nettle and bushes. In the middle was a spot with parts of balloons scattered over the road and the grass. Here a link for balloons as litter.

Found on the east side just past the Artspace on the way to Hanlans a piece of gum wrapper. The material is aluminum coated paper. Time to degrade of aluminum never.

 Found half way on the road to Hanlans just south of the public toilets on the east side. A tag of clothing made of fabric. Time to degrade 1-2 years?

Found on the east side piece of balloon. Piece of balloon cna take op to 4 years to fully degrade and in the mean time are a hazard for wild life who can mistake it for food.

Found on the east side of the road. Balloons can take up 4 years to degrade.

Found a piece of tissue paper. Time to degrade 4-6 months.

Found close the water just were edge turns sharply to the right a piece of aluminum foil. Time to degrade never.

Found on the lawn a candy wrapper, made of plastic coated paper. Time to degrade 5 years??

Found among the tall grass a candy wrapper and a plastic water bottle.  The wrapper is made of a plastic coated paper. Time to degrade 5 years1 The plastic water bottle 450 years!!!!!!!

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