Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 14, 2010

The landscape features of today were:
Lawn, which had the usual small peice of litter, though  relatively more larger litter like candy wrappers and plastic bags than the other lawn sections, probably more litter is blown over from the beach at the other side of the road. The beach part, sand, had the occasional piece of litter. But the beach was intersected with parts of tall grasses and shrubs and proved to be great net for the litter caught by wind while the owners are paying attention to more engaging beach activities.  Inbetween  rocks at the entrance to a board walk leading to the beach, allot of large litter were 10 plastic water bottles! Lost by people siting on the rocks, waiting for the rest of their group to gather, or  conveniently 'falling' out of their packs after a day on the beach.

Found on  rocks by the entrance to the beach a piece of toilet paper. Time to degrade 1 year?

Found inbetween two rocks a piece of a candy wrapper, made of paper. Time to degrade 4-5 years?

 Found among the tall grasses by the beach, a piece of tape with paints attached. Time to degrade 100 years?

Found on the road a aluminum container. This will never degrade!

Found on the beach a candy wrapper, made of plastic and foil. Time to degrade never.

Found on the lawn under a tree a plastic lid. Time to degrade 500 years?

Found on the beach buried in the sand, a hard plastic object with ribbons attached. Time to degrade 500 years?

Found among the tall grass a chip bag. Time to degrade 100 years?

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