Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

 Day 10 and only 40 meters done. After a warm weekend , lots of tourists, the summer season over, parks workers laid off for the winter. Cut backs and no one to clean up. The stretch has, a garden , washrooms, and fast food outlets. It's a busy spot where people gather, wait, eat, buy. There is so much to pick up, small litter, tiny bits barely visible, lots of tissues, fast food packaging. 

Found on the lawn a straw wrapper. There were allot of these. Time to degrade 50 years?

Found among the chip wound in the flower garden a piece of plastic. Time to degrade 75 years?

 Found among the plants in the flower garden, A candy wrapper. Time to  degrade 20 years?

Found in a puddle under a water fountain a straw. Time to degrade 100 years?

Found on the cement path a tea bag. Time to degrade maybe a year, but the staple will never degrade.

Found on the cement pavement a piece of in foil. Time to degrade never.

Found among the branches of a spruce tree a candy wrapper. Made of tine foil and paper. Time to degrade never.

Found on  the edge of the cement pavement a piece of plastic. Tiem to degrade 50 years.

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